Trivia Answers

On Tuesday I posted a few trivia questions about axes in movies, here are the answers to the questions. How did you do?

1) In the 2004 movie King Arthur, which character uses an axe to send a garrison of invaders to an icy death?

The answer is Dagonet! He bravely faces down the invading Saxons.

2) In what movie does character Johanna Mason proclaim “Ugh. I’d like to put my axe on her face”?

The answer: Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Johanna Mason is from district 7 where their main export is Lumber so she is handy with an axe.

3) What “Zombie Redneck Torture Family” member uses an axe to kill off a beloved Sci-fi Icon in Cabin in the Woods?

The answer: Patience Buckner. Even with one arm, she packs a mean swing.

Question 3 – BONUS: Who was the beloved Sci-Fi actress that was killed?

The answer: Sigourney Weaver. The Sci-Fi actress who survived many an Alien attack was taken down by a one-armed zombie.

4) In what animated movie do men use axes to chop ice blocks?

This was a gimme….the answer: Frozen

5) Which actors characters in both King Arthur and Thor uses an axe as his weapon?

The answer: Ray Stevenson. Ray plays Dagonet in King Arthur and Volstagg in Thor, both characters use axes in their roles.

Thanks for playing!


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