Trivia Time!

So this week I thought I would step out of the box a bit and test some of your trivia knowledge. Namely axe trivia in relation to movies. Check out the below questions and see how you do! I’ll post the answers on Friday, please note there may be spoilers below if you haven’t seen these movies….you have been warned.

1) In the 2004 movie King Arthur, which character uses an axe to send a garrison of invaders to an icy death?

a) Gawain

b) Galahad

c) Cerdic

d) Dagonet

2) In what movie does character Johanna Mason proclaim “Ugh. I’d like to put my axe on her face”?

a) Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

b) Ghost in the Shell

c) The Place Beyond the Pines

d) Hunger Games: Catching Fire

3) What “Zombie Redneck Torture Family” member uses an axe to kill off a beloved Sci-fi Icon in Cabin in the Woods?

a) Mother Buckner

b) Patience Buckner

c) Matthew Buckner

d) Judah Buckner

Question 3 – BONUS: Who was the beloved Sci-Fi actress that was killed?

a) Noomi Rapace

b) Sigourney Weaver

c) Jodi Foster

d) Sanaa Lathan

4) In what animated movie do men use axes to chop ice blocks?

a) Tangled

b) Happy Feet

c) Anastasia

d) Frozen

5) Which actors characters in both King Arthur and Thor uses an axe as his weapon?

a) Ray Stevenson

b) Hugh Dancy

c) Colm Feore

d) Josh Dallas

Don’t Google the answers either, that’s cheating!


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