Around the World

Today we are going to run you through one of the skills games played at NATF locations and what axe throwers compete in at the Summer and Winter Skillz. Players in Around the World have six throws to hit (in order): Left one, Left three, Bulls eye, Right Three, Right one and then a Clutch.

Left 1, Left 3, Bulls Eye, Right 3, Right 1, CLUTCH!!!

While it may take you more than six throws to get the order, the really strong competitors usually do it in six throws, one for each section.

But what happens if you are competing and you BOTH complete Around the World in six throws? BULL OFF! Competitors throw bulls eyes until one person misses…..or in the case of the competitors in the Summer Skillz Around the World finals….45 bulls eyes in a row until going for clutches instead. Impressive much?

Watch Chewy and Corey show us how it’s done:

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know about you, but there is nothing sexier to me than a man who can throw an axe. Keep on being sexy Chewy and Corey.

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