How to Sharpen an Axe

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages, step right up! Mike “Death Wish” Tanton is teaching us all how to sharpen axes today. Below is a How to video as well as step-by-step instructions and some photos to help you keep your axe sharp and ready for play:

How to Sharpen an Axe: Step-by-Step

  1. Start by identifying which side of the file is the rough side and which is the smoother side
  2. Hold the file with your thumb and forefinger on top of the file (so not to cut yourself when you sharpen your axe), and use the rough side of the file on your blade first


    Thumb and Forefinger on top of the file

  3. Hold the file at approximately a 30 degree angle at the blade


    Approximately 30 Degree Angle

  4. Press the file at the bottom of the blade and using even pressure, move to the top, in slow, smooth strokes. Repeat this action 4 or 5 times


    Start at the bottom of the blade

  5. Flip the axe over and repeat step 4 on the other side of the blade, still using the rough side of the file
  6. Flip the axe back to your starting side and repeat steps 4 and 5 with the smooth side (or finishing side) of the file
  7. Once complete, test your blade by running your finger with the blade to check for any imperfections


    Run your finger WITH the blade

  8. If you find any dents, dings, teeth, imperfections etc. repeat the above steps until you are satisfied with the sharpness of your axe
  9. Use your now sharp axe to WIN! Split some board! Kick ass, take names etc. etc.

Here are a few tips on what NOT to do:

Thanks for sharing Mike!

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