Lets Get Tricky

Hello axe lovers! For your viewing pleasure today we have a few trick shots (and a few standard throws) demonstrated by our lovely Sunday Black Members! First up, here’s Stephen and Kye showing you two different ways to throw a big axe:

And no, they don’t practice throwing in slow-mo like that….yet…..

Want to throw an axe with the head facing BACKWARDS?! You CAN! Just watch Vicki:

Welcome to Ambidextrous Axe Throwing with your host Anthony:

Next trick shot post I do will include the Milady, Doubles, Front and Back (one Axe facing forward, one backwards) and Chewys signature move…the 007. However, next on the docket we are going to take a break from Kitchener Sunday Black an it’s peeps and visit the BATL London location as theirs is one of a kind. Stay tuned!

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