Meet Jay. She’s the Boss of Us.


She’s the Boss of Us

Who is this awesome lady you ask? That would be Jay. She’s the boss of us on Sunday Black. She runs our league, keeps our games moving smoothly, offers suggestions on how to improve our throws, leads us in our oath and is just generally fantastic. Without Jay we’d just be a bunch of unorganized people running around wreaking havoc. HAVOC!

So here’s a few things to know about Jay:

  • She loves her Ketchup chips. If you ever come and visit us on Sundays, Ketchup chips are always a welcome treat for her
  • She’s a CHAMPION. That’s right. Her name is on the wall. She throws in the Kitchener Tuesday league. She’s a tad…just a smidgen…competitive…so she’d give you a great match if you play her
  • Jay is the lead singer in the band Monarch Woods. In their own words: Monarch Woods is a Canadian symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist Jonah Kay and vocalist Jay Ivaree. The band ‘s lineup was completed by Brian Scheid (bass) Kylie Gallaher (cello) in 2015 and Shareef Hassanien (drums) in 2016. Check out their website
  • When she’s not at BATL coaching or throwing, Jay can be found at the Electric Lounge Tattoo Studio completing her apprenticeship under Sam Mansbridge so when she’s done, give her some skin!
  • She has fantastic hair

Drop in and meet her sometime when she’s working at BATL Kitchener. She’s great, you’ll regret nothing AND can eat some skittles.

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