League Play, Talk from Jay and Pray my Axe To Stay


Now that we’ve had a warm welcome from Tom and gone through some of the more straightforward “this is how you get started” in axe throwing we can get into the REALLY fun stuff. Throwing in league! Kicking ass! Taking names! Hitting clutches! Devicing! Cheering! Razzing! Etc. Etc.

I know I threw out some terms you may not be familiar with above so to clarify:

Clutch – green dots in the top right and left hand corner of the targets

Device/ Devicing – When the axe lands, and the point score is questionable (can’t tell just by looking at it what it is) you can use SCIENCE and the device to tell. It’s magic.

Cheering – what we do

Champs wallKicking ass and taking names – see Kye Allen, Stephen Feletto and Stjepan Rihtaric  and the Champions wall

So how does it all work? Two throwers face off, blades sharp, acutely focused on their opponent, waiting for someone to make a move, to strike first, life or death awaits! Or not. Two throwers, two lanes. Each opponent picks a lane to start on, typically you rock, paper, scissor to see who gets the choice of which lane they’d like to start on. Each match consists of 3 games, each game is 5 throws. You start on one lane, throw 5 axes, switch lanes, throw 5 and then go back to your starting lane. It’s best of 3 games.

Because video explanations are better for this, here is Jay, explaining how it all works:

So to recap:

Black ring/ bullseye = 5 points

Red ring = 3 points

Blue ring = 1 point

Clutch/ Green Dot = 7 points however you can ONLY throw for this on your 5th throw of a game and you MUST call it or it doesn’t count (like a shot in pool)

DEVICE! As mentioned above, lets say your axe falls partially into the black and partially into the red. You’d look at your opponent and ask their opinion on if they think it is a 5 or a 3. If you have conflicting thoughts (you think it’s a 5, they think it’s a 3), you’d call for the Device (a Caliper). A 3rd party will measure it and let you know scientifically what it is. And you thought science and axe throwing couldn’t go hand in hand?

A perfect score in a game is 25 points (5 bullseyes) and a super perfect is 27 (4 bullseyes and a clutch). The highest possible score someone can get in a match is 81 (27 in each of your 3 games). This means you have entered the coveted “Promised Land”, which very few people have done.

What happens if we tie? Let’s say I win one game, you win one game and we tie. Or we tie all three. BIG AXE TIME! In regular matches you throw a hatchet, for tie breakers you throw a felling axe. Again, players rock, paper, scissors to see who go first. You alternate throwing, one axe each. The first 3 throws (3 for each player) all you have to do is break paint. After that, you go to points.

If you win a match you get 2 points (doesn’t matter if you win in a tie breaker match or win 2 of your 3 games in a match, you get 2 points). If you go to overtime (Big Axe) and lose, you still get one point. If you lose your match without going to overtime you don’t get any points. The points you are awarded for winning or going to big axe determine your overall league standings. At the end of the season, your overall points determine where you’ll end up in playoffs.

Don’t forget! While we like to be competitive, the ultimate goal is to have fun, cheer loud, cheer often, socialize and enjoy your evening! You do that and all that’s left is to Pray my Axe To Stay!

Coming Up: Meet Jay! She’s the Boss of Us

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