Everyone Wants to Throw an Axe, They Just May not Know it Yet

We as humans like to throw things. Balls, Frisbees, temper tantrums. So why not axes?

For years now there has been a growing trend: Axe throwing. There are a number of different clubs and associations that offer this now a days, however my blog follows the adventures of the Backyard Axe Throwing League (which shall be referred to on-going in this blog as BATL). More specifically, Kitchener Sunday Black. For this introductory blog I am just going to go over ways you can get involved in case you’d like to try it out. Future blogs will go into more detail about the leagues, special events (like Champs League, Skills and Axe Prom) and trick shots.

My brother introduced me to this past-time almost 2 years ago when BATL opened up

Kye and kendra

My brother and I after his first Championship win (with a stunning cameo from Chewy)

their location in Kitchener, Ontario and had walk-ins to get their name into the community. One of the best decisions I’ve made was going with him to walk-ins. I became a member of Kitchener Sunday Black and we have built a great community of people, have a ton of fun, lots of laughs and are a little crazy at times. If you don’t mind random dance breakouts, occasional butt touching, lots of food, even more skittles, themed playoffs and a lot of razzing, Kitchener Sunday Black is the League to join.

If you are looking to try it out, their location is 69 Agnes Street, where the old Granite Curling Club used to be. It has now been converted into a 20 lane club offering leagues, events and walk-in times.

So what can you expect if you go to walk-ins? $20 gets you an hour on the lanes and coaching from one of the fantastic Throwing Coaches they have. Please note, depending on how busy it is, you will not be throwing for the full hour, you need to share the lanes with other walk-ins. What I recommend? Bring a friend as the downtime lets you get in some quality socializing! Your coach will walk you through the basics on how to throw an axe, suggest a stance and help you tweak what you need to get your axe to stick in the target.

Looking to hold an event? BATL offers events for groups from six people to 30. For groups of six to 11 people, you get two lanes, for 12 or more you get four. Depending on your group size, one or two coaches will be running your event. You get practice and training time, then a round robin tournament followed by playoffs. Events are two and a half hours long and the cost is $40 per person.

Tried walk-ins? Held an event? Want more axe throwing?

Sam double axe

Sam practicing ambidextrous and getting an impressive double bull!

JOIN A LEAGUE! Kitchener offers two league options on Sundays (Black and Red), one league on Mondays and one Tuesdays. Each league is 8 weeks (7 weeks of regular play, and one week of playoffs), there are 5 “seasons” in a year and each league can accommodate up to 30 members. On average you throw four matches a night, and the night runs for approximately two and a half to three hours. Practice opens up an hour before league begins and start times vary depending on what night you are throwing on. What is it all leading up to? The top 16 players in a season compete in playoffs to get their name on the coveted CHAMPIONS wall and of course bragging rights.

For more information on what BATL offers, various locations, how they got started and more visit their website at batlgrounds.com.

Coming up! In the next blog I’ll go over the scoring system in league, how a match is run, and the BIG axe.

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