Trivia Answers

On Tuesday I posted a few trivia questions about axes in movies, here are the answers to the questions. How did you do?

1) In the 2004 movie King Arthur, which character uses an axe to send a garrison of invaders to an icy death?

The answer is Dagonet! He bravely faces down the invading Saxons.

2) In what movie does character Johanna Mason proclaim “Ugh. I’d like to put my axe on her face”?

The answer: Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Johanna Mason is from district 7 where their main export is Lumber so she is handy with an axe.

3) What “Zombie Redneck Torture Family” member uses an axe to kill off a beloved Sci-fi Icon in Cabin in the Woods?

The answer: Patience Buckner. Even with one arm, she packs a mean swing.

Question 3 – BONUS: Who was the beloved Sci-Fi actress that was killed?

The answer: Sigourney Weaver. The Sci-Fi actress who survived many an Alien attack was taken down by a one-armed zombie.

4) In what animated movie do men use axes to chop ice blocks?

This was a gimme….the answer: Frozen

5) Which actors characters in both King Arthur and Thor uses an axe as his weapon?

The answer: Ray Stevenson. Ray plays Dagonet in King Arthur and Volstagg in Thor, both characters use axes in their roles.

Thanks for playing!


Trivia Time!

So this week I thought I would step out of the box a bit and test some of your trivia knowledge. Namely axe trivia in relation to movies. Check out the below questions and see how you do! I’ll post the answers on Friday, please note there may be spoilers below if you haven’t seen these movies….you have been warned.

1) In the 2004 movie King Arthur, which character uses an axe to send a garrison of invaders to an icy death?

a) Gawain

b) Galahad

c) Cerdic

d) Dagonet

2) In what movie does character Johanna Mason proclaim “Ugh. I’d like to put my axe on her face”?

a) Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

b) Ghost in the Shell

c) The Place Beyond the Pines

d) Hunger Games: Catching Fire

3) What “Zombie Redneck Torture Family” member uses an axe to kill off a beloved Sci-fi Icon in Cabin in the Woods?

a) Mother Buckner

b) Patience Buckner

c) Matthew Buckner

d) Judah Buckner

Question 3 – BONUS: Who was the beloved Sci-Fi actress that was killed?

a) Noomi Rapace

b) Sigourney Weaver

c) Jodi Foster

d) Sanaa Lathan

4) In what animated movie do men use axes to chop ice blocks?

a) Tangled

b) Happy Feet

c) Anastasia

d) Frozen

5) Which actors characters in both King Arthur and Thor uses an axe as his weapon?

a) Ray Stevenson

b) Hugh Dancy

c) Colm Feore

d) Josh Dallas

Don’t Google the answers either, that’s cheating!


Staff Spotlight: Will Gordon

Coming to you live from BATL London, it’s Will Gordon! Our staff spotlight for this month. He’s Mr. April. I had the privilege of meeting Will when he joined Kitchener Sunday Black in 2016. In walks this tall, confident gentlemen sporting some wicked ink. He fit right in. Now that I am aiming to do a Staff Spotlight each month he immediately came to mind.

Will 1

 The best seat in the house is between the ropes, so when you get the chance to try something new, take advantage of the opportunity. Don’t be afraid to be silly..

Will’s journey with BATL began in 2014 when he attended a charity event for Movember at Tomahawks (now BATL London). He was on the London Movember committee and they were looking for a fun activity to do (what’s more fun than axe throwing right?). Since Mother Nature can be a right bitch at times, the weather was terrible that night and there was a small turn out for the event. Will ended up throwing in a big foam Mr. Moustache suit and was immediately hooked. He ended up speaking with Matt Thomas, GM of BATL London, who mentioned they were starting leagues the following January and the rest is history. He started working for BATL in 2015 when they officially opened their doors in London. When I asked him what his favorite thing about working for BATL was, he said:

“It’s the people by far, both the staff, and guests. Seeing in real time someone accomplish something they may have never thought they could, or even excel at, always makes me smile.”

Will apparently likes to keep busy because he currently throws in three leagues (Sunday Red, Monday Red and the “infamous” Tuesday Red). You’ll also find him throwing in Sunday Black Kitchener in the Summer for a season or two (we miss him when he doesn’t throw with us). He is also the league runner for Sunday Red and throws under the handle Mr. Saucey. He throws under the handle because:

Will 2

Picture of Will in the local paper teaching someone how to throw

“I do this because I like to teach and throw with new league members and sometime that means throwing one’s or three’s so I can challenge them to get into situations they may not normally be comfortable with. As the skill level improves, the tougher the challenges, until we can throw heads up. This way it doesn’t impact my NATF average throwing as Big Will G.”

Although Will is Mr. Awesome at Axe Throwing, he does have a day job. He’s Trojan Man….well…not really. He works for Trojan (not the condom company). Trojan is a world leading company that provides engineering solutions using UV light to disinfect municipal drinking water, waste water, removal of environmental contaminants from ground water, indirect portable reuse water and ballast water from ocean going ships. His title is Municipal Designer 2, and he works directly with the municipalities in the US to find a solution to disinfect their water or waste water using UV light in lieu of chemicals like chlorine (FYI, that was alllll him describing his job).

Since Will is such an accomplished axe thrower, it should come as no surprise that he has competed multiple times in Champs League. Looking for some advice if you’re competing in Champs? Here’s what Will suggests:

“1) Do it if you qualify, it’s the best training to understand how to compete under pressure. I’ve found everyone that has competed has learned something and in general I’ve seen a jump in their skill/stats in the following season of league play. 2) Never assume you’ll walk over a lower ranked opponent because there are so many factors that go into their ranking and how they got there. Conversely, don’t assume a higher ranked player is out of reach, be confident in your skill and as we have seen, anything can happen during a match. 3) Be prepared. Spend some extra time practicing, there is no magic in the secret sauce, it takes hard work and dedication; luck is just a result of being prepared.”

So what does Will do in his spare time? Between BATL and Trojan, he doesn’t have a ton of spare time, but when he does find a minute, he loves to be creative. He designs shirts, carves pumpkins and is looking to try painting this summer as well. Plus, he entertains the masses with his Gettin’ Sauced videos….like this fave of his:

With regards to Will’s future plans towards axe throwing he’s going to stay with it and try to keep up with the “young guns” killing it week in and week out. He wants to keep being relevant and approachable so others feel free to ask him questions on give advice when it will be of value. He hopes to be part of the sport as is matures and perhaps one day work for BATL in a greater capacity. Overall with life, he’s trying to keep it simple, have tolerance, be kind, and keep looking for things that will light a fire in his spirit.

Will 3

Hey look! It’s Will!

Last but not least, as I always do, I asked will what his favorite BATL story was. Here’s what he shared:

“It’s hard.. There are so many.. I guess it was NATC 2017 and everyone had a long day of competing in both Nationals and Skillz and a large group bused over the Dock Ellis for some cocktails. One thing led to another and Matt Thomas and I were at Wilson’s late, like until sunrise the next day. We decided to go back to our hotel to get some sleep before we were off to prom (Yes another night of partying after an all-night’r). What happened when we left Wilson’s was pretty epic I must say. Wilson thought we were going to crash and when upstairs to get blankets I think, in the meantime we hopped into a Uber back to our hotel. Wilson calls us, where are you? We reply, we found a bike at your neighbor’s house and are doubling back to the hotel. The response was classic and went something like this.. Please tell me you didn’t steal my neighbors’ bike, they hate me already… I think we hung up and just let that ride until prom later that night. We kinda lead Wilson to believe we stole his neighbors bike for the entire next day.. Still puts a smile on my face thinking about it.. BTW.. you know anyone that needs a slightly used bike?”

If you’re ever in London, drop in and visit him at BATL London, he’s pretty great.

Riot Axe: The Little Axe Club With a Big Heart

You know how they say all good things come to those who wait? Well that was definitely true for me, as I FINALLY made it out to visit Chuck and Corey, owners of Riot Axe in Guelph. Opened in August of 2016, Riot Axe ( is a beautiful axe throwing club located at 101 Beverly Street, Unit D, close to the heart of The Royal City.

Beer comboWe sat down and enjoyed a Riot Axe beer (how wicked is that, they have their own beer?! as I caught up with Chuck and Corey and got to learn more about their roots in the industry, their passion for axe throwing, future plans and more.

Chuck described their venture into Axe Throwing Ownership as something that they felt compelled to do. “It just felt right. We really wanted to get in on the ground floor of this sport as it was just exploding!” Chuck said. Guelph didn’t have an axe throwing location at the time so off they went! While they had a few speedbumps to overcome initially, they persevered and BOOM! Magic happened. Riot Axe was born.

arena 2

Some peeps enjoying walk-ins

When I inquired about how they became one of the founding members of the NATF, they said it happened really organically. They reached out to BATL Kitchener to introduce themselves and say “Hi Neighbour! We’re new to the block!” and were approached to join the NATF shortly thereafter. While there are other organizations similar to NATF out there, Chuck and Corey felt that NATF was the gold standard. They really liked the organization, their vision, the community, and knew it was where they wanted to be.

Combo 1

Some of Riot Axes Décor and their House Axes

The first thing that struck me about Riot when I walked in was how much character was packed into the space. They have some beautiful artistry on the walls, comic book pages, merchandise, a Champs wall and a Supernatural Perfect board. While they only have one throwing arena, I consider it small but mighty (the acoustics in there are great, the sound of the axes splitting board just resonates beautifully). Although the following description may sound sexy….it’s an intimate space designed to bring people together. And that’s one thing Chuck and Corey love about Riot Axe. When people book an event and come in, their reaction is typically “We get this whole place to ourselves?!”. Riot Axe can offer a unique experience for their guests by having it be exclusively them. I really like this concept as sometimes (speaking from personal experience), it can be intimidating walking into a larger venue seeing lots of people throwing well, and being new to axe throwing. I think their venue helps people feel at ease.


Ainslinn holding down the fort!

We went on a Monday night and the place was just buzzing with walk-in traffic (Monday nights from 6 pm to 9 pm they offer walk-ins…FYI). They recently offered their first ever Sunday walk-ins as well. If you are looking to get involved with one of their leagues, they run 3 seasons a year (Winter, Spring, and Fall) on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as a summer league that is “just for fun” (to be fair, axe throwing is ALWAYS fun). The summer league doesn’t count towards NATF standings however.                                     They have had a busy year and a half since opening; what with joining the NATF, holding numerous events, multiple leagues, and hiring 12 great staff members – Like Ryan and Ainslinn who took care of us – so what’s next? Right now they are really enjoying their time with Riot Axe. They have been approached to franchise but are happy keeping things as is until it feels right again. They are hoping to have another permanent walk-in night as well as potentially offering another league night. They have built a strong waitlist of individuals who are interested in joining their leagues, so perhaps their dreams will come true?

Group 1

From left to right: Ryan, Corey. Ainslinn and Chuck

So to sum things up: great staff, passionate owners, beautiful venue, leagues, walk-ins, their own beer (10 cents of every can sold goes to the local humane society)…what more could you want? A bad ass oath perhaps? DONE! On a parting note I leave you with….Oath banner





Axe Art: Nick Bolhuis

Here is another first for me: Welcome to the first of my Axe Art Features! With so much talent in our community (throwing talent, art talent, sheath making talent…the list goes



on) I really wanted to talk with some of the spectacular artists we have that make one-of-a-kind axes for our viewing (and throwing)pleasure. For my first feature, I reached out to Nick Bolhuis, an electrician by day and a member of BATL Ottawa by night, who does brilliant work with a variety of mediums. A friend of mine (shout out to Ashley) put the two of us in touch after I saw one of his axes at a charity event she was holding. My first thought was “Holy shit I need to talk to this guy!”. His unique style and blend of mediums bring axe art to a whole other level. Seriously, this blog isn’t even pretty enough to feature his work, it just won’t do it justice….but I’m gonna feature it anyways.

BATL Ottawa piece

Piece he Designed for BATL Ottawa

As I mentioned above, Nick is a member of BATL Ottawa. He’s been throwing in the inaugural Tuesday Black league since BATL Ottawa opened, and nearly as long in Wednesday Black as well. Seeing other league members decorating their own axes is what inspired Nick to start doing his own custom work. In his words: “Seeing other league members tooling up their own axes, seeing some of the excellent work other throwers had done , I couldn’t just half-ass my own. My first real custom was carved into a skull and copper-plated. Carved the handle into a sort of spinal cord and did some copper wire inlay for spinal discs. Sadly it didn’t throw very well because I’d cut a notch into the blade to make the nose of the skull and it just made throwing it horrible.”

Start banner

Some of Nick’s First Designs

Coming from a creative family, Nick always had art around him. His great grandfather began drawing later in life and it turned out he was a natural. You are NEVER to old to let your creative side show. Nick’s grandmother was a fashion designer and amazing with water colours. Both Nick and his sister always dabbled in any art they could get their hands on. From an early age, Nick was constantly doodling, even in the middle of class when he should have been paying attention. Taking every art class the school had to offer, he began to branch out and took water colour classes at a local art gallery as well. From there he got involved in making Warhammer models and prior to joining BATL he began woodworking projects (great timing!). He currently uses a combination of  wood and metal carving tools, acids, stains, dyes, acrylic paints, water colours, blowtorch, electricity and science.

Nicks top 5

Nick’s Top Five Fave Projects So Far

So how does the creative process begin with Nick? Usually, someone will come to him with an idea, he’ll sketch something out for them, they’ll go back and forth and then he gets to work! One of his favorite pieces is a Viking design (above) that he was told to “go nuts on”. Depending on the design, not including sketch time, Nick will put anywhere from 15 to 30 hours of work into his pieces. Inspiration can’t be rushed. At any given time he’s working on three or four axes, typically with similar techniques to streamline the process a bit. Comparing how much he’s done vs. how long he’s been doing it, it works out to a completed axe every week or two.

Interested in having Nick do some work for you? His wait list is about 8 months right now but this fluctuates from time to time. He really tries to stick to deadlines for his art as best he can. For example, he just completed an axe to cut the cake at a wedding and he couldn’t very well ask them to bump the date because it wasn’t ready.

fireLastly, one question I always ask people is what their favorite BATL story is. Nick’s favorite isn’t what you might expect. In April of last year tragedy struck. Nick’s house burned down. Not only did he lose his possession and cherished memorabilia but he had just really started getting into his custom work, and everything was destroyed. However the aftermath of the fire really showed him how truly wonderful our community is:

“Luckily I was insured but it was still a brutal blow. A week or two later BATL hosted a fundraiser to help me out. It was amazing to actually see everyone come out to help one of their own, many of them didn’t know I was the subject of the fundraiser, they were all just there to help. It really got me back on my feet, the financial support was nice, but the emotional support invaluable. That’s really the reason I’ve dived so deeply into this custom axe operation, the support I’ve received from my home club just fills my heart.”

Captain Picard

Captain Picard Painted Using Items from Nick’s Fridge

If you’d like to get in touch with Nick he can always be reached on Instagram @bladesbybolhuis or by email. He’s not huge on social media, but next steps will be to have his own website someday. Nick was kind enough to send me a ton of photos, and while I don’t have room for all of them here, I have included a number of them in the gallery so check them out!

Stay tuned! Next week you get to read all about The Little Axe Club With the Big Heart. Until then, Axes up!



Urban Axes: Bringing People Together, One Bullseye at a Time

Last week, two of my long time axe throwing buddies, Vicki (Kitchener Sunday Black Member) and Blair (Pickering Wednesday Black Member) had the opportunity to go and visit Urban Axes in Philadelphia…lucky bastards…and enjoyed their visit so much I had to do a piece on them.

To quote Vicki:

“It was an absolute blast! We pulled one over on our coach and he took it very well. It’s a great venue that I would recommend anybody in the Philly area to go try!” 

Urban Axes 4Just as an FYI to those that are wondering what they pulled with their coach, they pretended they had never thrown before for a few minutes before taking of their sweaters to show their NATF Champs league shirts and BATL shirts they were wearing. Their coach had a laugh and a few choice words for them.

Vicki and Blair were kind enough to put me in touch with Lily Cope, Axe Master General (seriously, best job title EVER!) who shared some info on Urban Axes, what they’re all about and what’s in the pipeline for this NATF family member.

Located at 2019 E Boston St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, Urban Axes was founded in 2016 and has expanded rapidly. They currently have three locations (Philly, Austin and Urban Axes 3Baltimore) with two more on the docket to open in summer of 2018 in Boston and Durham. Like our Kitchener location, Philly and Austin both have five arenas, however Baltimore has six and apparently feels “Ginormous!” according to Lily…enough to fit the NATF community? Road trip sometime? Philly and Austin both run six leagues and Baltimore currently offers three. I personally really like their naming system for their arenas as well. Instead of colours, they are named “Acka Dacka”, “Sabbath”, “Josh”, “Sheila” and “The Honeymoon Suite”. At least if I go and visit and they tell me “your boyfriend is on Sheila”, I have no reason to be angry.

Now for a visually appealing pause in this article. Take a look at their intro video:

Urban Axes joined the NATF community in 2017 since they are the OG standard for indoor axe throwing. They knew it was the community and culture they wanted to be a part of. Urban Axes believes that the more organizations that join the NATF helps to legitimize the sport and help it grow.

I asked Lily what sets their Philadelphia location apart from competitors and here’s what she had to say:

“Besides our incredible staff, our building is an early 20th century, former brush-manufacturing facility and the walls and bricks of the structure are crumbling a bit but it’s just got so much character. And we love our neighborhood of East Kensington. All our arenas were built by our staff as well which gives us all a hug sense of pride. We are also BYO beer/wine and any food.”

When asked what she was most proud of with regards to Urban Axes, Lily commented:

The fact that so many people come back! And the fact that people remember our coaches names and rave about them on social media. They don’t remember what they scored – they remember that their coach made their night. I genuinely believe our staff here is the most amazing, fun-loving, axe-happy bunch of weirdos and no one could ask for a better team of THROWWORKERS!”

Urban Axes 2Lastly, Lily shared what he favorite story is from Urban Axes. To this she replied:

“I have so many – both personal and professional. Professionally though it’s got to be the people who really lack confidence or don’t appear that into it and then they hit a bull or a clutch and they crush it and it’s so exciting! That’s such a great feeling! Or maybe when we hosted NATF Regionals and the crew from BATL Ottawa came down. Or maybe when Nick Lachey of 98° or some of the Phillies or Eagles came in. They were all cool but not as cool as the BATL Ottawa crew!”

I have to agree that BATL Ottawa is way cooler than 98°….see what I did there…I know… I’m an idiot.

If you are ever in the area, they would love to have your drop in for a visit so they can meet more members of the axe throwing family. Just remember, as their sign says “Don’t be a Dick”.

All photos and videos used with permission from Urban Axes. Photos courtesy of the talented Meredith Edlow photography.

Staff Spotlight: Jenna Gerhardt

The one thing I have found while doing this blog is there is a plethora of topics to write about with regards to axe throwing. One of the most important though, in my opinion, is the people who make the magic happen, and that’s the fantastic staff who run our leagues, manage our locations, and inspire people to throw axes. So I will be making the Staff Spotlight a feature a few times a month to help you get to know some of the amazing people who keep our NATF locations going.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Jenna Gerhardt, one of theIMG_0516 staff members at BATL Kitchener. A woman with a big heart and a wicked throw, Jenna is as beautiful inside as she is out. Jenna’s first introduction to BATL was in Toronto at the Yorkdale location, for her cousins surprise birthday three years ago. Little 19 year old Jenna walks in with her bright yellow knee brace (torn ACL from Rugby…see she’s a bad ass) and can’t throw an axe two handed to save her life. Her lovely coach, Alexis “Fab”, gave her the run down on one handed throwing and moments later, she hits a sweet bulls eye. After the event Alexis told Jenna BATL was expanding to a few new locations, one of which was Kitchener. After one event, and dipping her toes in the atmosphere and culture of BATL she knew she had to become part of it, and thus a Coach was born!

One of Jenna’s favourite parts of the job is seeing someone’s confidence go up when they stick their first axe, then hit their first bulls eye – that’s why she comes to work every day. Not to mention the added bonus of having a grandma give you the biggest hug after an event because she was surprised at how she was able to finally stick an axe and have fun with her family!

JennaWhen I asked Jenna what her favorite story from her BATL experience was, she said she was going “rogue” with her answer. She couldn’t label one as her favourite, she considers the all the stories and memories created with the BATL and NATF family equally special to her. In Jenna’s own words:

“My coworkers are the best work family I’ve ever been part of. From teaching me my first trick shots between events, Saturday nights at a bar after a grueling 12 hour day, to now where I consider them to be close friends and a chosen family. On an even bigger scale, meeting staff from other BATL and NATF locations, and creating so many great friendships that span North America.”

So what are Jenna’s passions in life? Goals? Above I mentioned Jenna’s beautiful heart, and I specially mentioned that as it takes a special kind of person to be able to volunteer with the Lions Foundation of Canada in their Dog Guides Program. I personally think you have to have a generosity of spirit to take care of and train an animal you know won’t be yours. Jenna has been volunteering for over two years now. After fostering and now working in their breeding program (with lots of puppies!), she’s able to get a significant amount of hands on experience, and learn the early stages of a dogs life. Jenna is working towards becoming a certified dog trainer, and maybe one day working for an organization as a trainer. But for now, she’s happy just dog sitting. So if you need a good home for your pupster while you’re away, you know who to call. She has also found a passion in geometric art and watercolour and would love to do some commissioned pieces in the future.


Jenna teaching members of the Kitchener Waterloo Business Women’s Association how to throw an Axe

Lastly, I asked Jenna what quote best describes her. To this she replied:

“Jenna Marbles has said on many occasions “life is too short not to have fun hair”, and in the same sense I believe life is too short to not have fun in everything you do. Whether its at work with coworkers, guests or running leagues nights, being surrounded by amazing people brightens any bad day or makes a good day better.” 

Thanks for sharing with us Jenna and being the first in my Staff Spotlight series! Does your location have some staff members you think should be featured? Let me know! I’d love to interview more of the great people that help build our NATF community.


Around the World

Today we are going to run you through one of the skills games played at NATF locations and what axe throwers compete in at the Summer and Winter Skillz. Players in Around the World have six throws to hit (in order): Left one, Left three, Bulls eye, Right Three, Right one and then a Clutch.

Left 1, Left 3, Bulls Eye, Right 3, Right 1, CLUTCH!!!

While it may take you more than six throws to get the order, the really strong competitors usually do it in six throws, one for each section.

But what happens if you are competing and you BOTH complete Around the World in six throws? BULL OFF! Competitors throw bulls eyes until one person misses…..or in the case of the competitors in the Summer Skillz Around the World finals….45 bulls eyes in a row until going for clutches instead. Impressive much?

Watch Chewy and Corey show us how it’s done:

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know about you, but there is nothing sexier to me than a man who can throw an axe. Keep on being sexy Chewy and Corey.

Improving Sports by Incorporating Axe Throwing Basics

Hello all you beautiful Axe Aficionados! I know it has been ages since I have posted anything, and I apologize for that. I originally started this blog for a class I was in, and really enjoyed writing it, but time got away from me after my class ended. I am back though and committed to providing you with entertainment, information, general knowledge, introductions to some of the amazing throwers and staff in our communities, and anything else my weird little brain comes up with! Like todays blog post…

So, I had trouble sleeping last night. My mind was wandering from topic to topic, thinking about how I wanted to start my blog up again, what to discuss etc. and I flitted to a sketch from the late, great George Carlin. Now, if you have ever heard his skits, he was hilarious, but one of his skits in general struck a nerve. Sports. If you haven’t seen the skit, youtube it now then come back to me. He’s way better than I am anyways.

BaseballCarlin discussed how in his opinion there were only three real sports (Basketball, Baseball and Football), everything else was classified as an activity. He also had suggestions on how to improve these three sports. While I don’t necessarily agree that there are only three real sports, I did really like the principles behind his though process of improving these sports. So I have applied my weird and wonderful logic to this with regards to axe throwing. Below, I have listed my suggestions for how to improve certain sports/ activities with axe throwing rules and principles.

Baseball: Professional games can take forever with all the strikes and ball and foul balls (good thing there is beer). We get five throw so should pitchers.

Basketball: Three-point shots are so passé. If you are lining up for a three pointer and yell “CLUCTH” and make the basket, I vote you get seven points.

Volleyball: Paint a target on the floor. When someone spikes the ball into the target, Sports collagethey get the associated number of points.

Soccer: Kicking a ball into a giant net would be so much more impressive if the net….was a hanging tire….five points to the talented S.O.B. who kicks it in there.

Tennis: Replace the racket with an axe. If you cut the tennis ball in half, mid-air, you win automatically. While this may not speed up the games, I would love to see people trying to volley using axes.

Dodgeball: You know where I am going with this one….”If you can dodge an axe, you can dodge a ball”.

Football: Give all the players on the field an axe….and let the magic happen.

Golf: Put down the golf club, get in your golf cart, drive to the nearest NATF location and throw axes instead.

I also wanted to give some shout outs to sports/ activities that are trying really, really, hard to be as awesome as axe throwing. They already have some axe throwing features in them. These include: curling, darts and archery (targets), and hockey/ skating (blades are involved). Keep up the good work you guys, A for effort.

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

In the coming weeks I’ve got a trip planned to visit the lovely folks at Riot Axe in Guelph, we have some trick shots to share and some staff bios coming your way so stay tuned!